"When good Americans die, they go to Paris." - Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In France, It's Socially Acceptable to Drink at Noon

This morning was my French placement exam. I got there early, courtesy of my French mother, wandered aimlessly through le bâtiment Bazin and felt hopelessly American. Everyone was speaking in French (obviously) but I mustered up the courage to ask a petite Japanese girl where the test was held. We talked for awhile and eventually met up with a Bulgarian girl who spoke very little French, though she was fluent in English. She was rather crass and told me all about the great bars and parties and how she has God's eyeball tattooed on her back.

Later, I met up with some American students and we ate at a petit crêperie for lunch. It was served with fermented cidre that reminded me of Italian moscato: dangerously sweet and delicious. Afterwards, we wandered around Angers and poked our heads into a few shops, though I neglected to buy anything.

Tonight I'm meeting up with my American friends again and Leah is cooking. I'm happy to be so busy because it takes my mind off of being away from home. This is my first full day in Angers and I am quite happy. I just have to avoid being alone for long periods. This shouldn't be a problem tonight.

However, I am très jet-lagged and would love to take a nap before dinner, but I'm not sure if I'd be able to wake up again. C'est ca!

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