"When good Americans die, they go to Paris." - Oscar Wilde

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dinner for Two

Tonight Monsieur and I ate together because Madame was working, Berry was spending the night with her friends, and François was at a sporting event. M. was the first family member I met in Angers and I think he's about the coolest guy ever. The day I arrived in France, Berry told me her family had to work until 17h00 so I needed to find a ride to their home. Hervé, a French student who studied at UNCA for a semester, offered to show me around until they got off work. However, Berry quickly emailed me back and said her dad would be able to pick me up at the train station, regardless of work. When I first arrived, I realized the adapter for my laptop didn't work because I have a Macbook. I became quite anxious, but M. immediately took the laptop charger to the nearest electronic store and bought me a new adapter within the hour.

Tonight he cooked stew with chicken and couscous. During dinner he asked how old I was. He seemed surprised when I told him I was twenty. He then asked if I had ever been so far away from home for a long period of time. I had lived in Italy for a month last summer, but that was different. I was with American students the entire time. I became rather emotional as he asked how I was adapting. I told him I loved Angers but it was difficult to be so loin de my family. I almost started crying but realized how mortifying that would be and immediately stopped myself. M. recognized that I was feeling a little spleen (blue) and told me he would cook any one of my favorite meals. All I had to do was ask. He also gave me free reign over the television and his office, which is full of French books and comics. It sounds cheesy, but M.'s efforts to accommodate me have shown me how much I'm starting to love this little French family.

In my room I Skyped my boyfriend and started crying. However, I wasn't sad. I love it here and am starting to adapt. Everyday is an adventure, but I do miss my family and friends at times. Talking about it at dinner just reminded me how far I am from my comfort zone. But I really am okay. It was difficult to explain this to Dylan. All he could see was me crying, but I tried to tell him that I was happy. So many people dream of living abroad. Here I am, only twenty years old, and I get to live in France for four months! I'm so blessed and I realize that every day.

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