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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Starting to Say Goodbye

Last night was our class dinner at Lien's. We gathered two dozen internationals with the promise of food and alcohol. The food was delicious, although I was stuffed after one plate, but the Chinese kids went for sixths and sevenths. How the hell are they so thin? Things changed when Louis, a kid who never shows up for class, rolls in with about five six-packs of beers and starts to distribute them to everyone. One of the Chinese girls gets on her knees and starts chugging a Heineken and the professor tries to keep the peace by passing around an apple tart.

I'm talking to Louis for a good bit of the night. He refuses to speak French, so we talked in broken English about America. Every effing day he asks me if I speak Indian and I always have to explain I'm Italian. Later, I corrected him when he said Italy was the most romantic country in the world. No, no, I said, France is the most romantic. Italy is the sexiest. It's like he was enlightened after that. The rest of the night, he told people I did what I did and looked how I looked because Italians were the sexiest people on earth. Aye.

We had plans to roll into the bars that night with 20 Chinese kids in tow, but they all ditched us while Lien and Adrianne were getting ready. We went to Soft to meet up with some of our friends who are leaving before the weekend. I met some French guy who told me to come to Peru with him next week, and when I told him I had a boyfriend he freaked out and apologized. Nah, nah, he's cool, I said. He told me I was beautiful and he couldn't help myself.

After this, Ashleigh tried to get us to go to Kare, but the music blows. Dancing to Jackson 5 remixes is fun for approximately ten minutes and then you hate yourself. We called a taxi, and that's when we had to bid goodbye to Zach, who was leaving for Oregon the next morning. I hated saying goodbye. With the Americans, there's a small chance we'll see each other again, but the Chinese kids can't even have Facebook. When will I ever see them? The thought is incredibly depressing and I'm dreading saying goodbye to my three girls. It's all good though. Today we're avoiding those thoughts by day-drinking at the park and eating last night's leftovers.

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